How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You


As the cliché goes – women are from Venus and men are from a completely different planet. (Not Sure Which One). It’s no wonder then they never understand each other. However, both men and women are destined to spend their lives on earth, with each other for company.

The thing about affairs of the heart is – they are simple. The only reason it seems all so complicated is that women and men have an instinctive ignorance for each other. If only we knew what the other wanted, for instance, what made men take tick, life would be so much easier for all of us.

So, for years custom and traditions, religion and cults have tried to give us so many different formulas to make men fall in love with us. Love spells and hexes, little rites and rituals. But finally, science is giving us the answers to questions where witchcraft failed. Psychologists are plumbing the depths of what makes men and women tick. And are finally telling us sure shot ways that can ensure that men fall, hopelessly in love.

Let us see how to make a man fall in love with you in a 6 easy steps.

1. Let Your Body Speak Volumes

According to researchers, we are constantly speaking to each other, with our bodies. It seems that we are sending out constant signals with body language. You can alter your body language slightly to make sure that you become so much more attractive to the man of your choice.

How? It is simple. Science tells us that when people find each other attractive, or are excited in the presence of someone else, they tend to blink more often. So – blink more often. It tells us the other person unconsciously that you like them, and they are more liable to reciprocate. It will also help if you lean forward while talking to him or constantly touch parts of your body like your hair and bare arms.

2. Enter His Comfort Zone

We all have a space around ourselves which is personal space. We are instantly aware when someone else invades this space. So, invade his personal space. Stand or sit very close to him. This will make him aware of your presence every second. Also, make sure that you are near him as often as possible without being too intrusive.

3. Imitate, Imitate and Imitate

This is a pretty mean trick which will make him fall for you like a ton of bricks. So what do you do? Become his mirror image. If you are in a bar, sip on a drink when he does. If he is sitting in a particular position, copy his posture. If he uses some words and phrases more often in conversation, use them too. However there is one catch – you cannot make it too obvious.
4. Bare Your Heart

Tell him about yourself. The more he knows about you, the more he will be comfortable around you. Playing the mystery woman does not work. However, do not monopolize the conversation. Encourage him to share too. Know his likes and dislikes, strong opinions and heart’s desires. And let him know yours.

5. Get Him Excited

NO, not just sexually, but by participating in activities that help secrete the adrenaline hormone. It could be adventure sports or just a visit to the nearest theme park. Something that gets his blood pumping and is fun. When one is excited, it is easier for one to be more attracted to someone else.

6. Be Yourself

Although it is great to make a good first impression, keep in mind while doing all this, you have to remember that you want him to fall in love with you. The real you. So, always remember to be yourself and not someone else you think he wants.


According to science of the heart, if you follow these 6 steps you will have a much better understanding than most women of what makes a man fall in love and eliminating much of the competition.


Capture His Heart Review – 3 Magical Steps Revealed

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Any woman would agree that having an ideal man fall in her lap and pledge his eternal love makes her feel truly blessed. However, finding Mr. Right has less to do with blessings and is more about understanding the inner workings of a man’s mind. Capture His Heart is a “one of a kind” program, which facilitates long-term relationships and simplifies dating by revealing the do’s and don’ts that women must know to find and get the man of their dreams. This Capture His Heart review will reveal the reasons behind this program’s continuously increasing popularity among women.

About the Authors

This program is written by two well-known relationship experts Michael Fiore and Claire Casey. They have a track record of successfully helping several couples in fixing their relationship by finding true love. They have written lots of relationship books that have continually been BEST SELLERS. They have also appeared in many relationship journals, magazines, radio and TV shows.

Highlights of the Program

1. It dispels widely believed myths and reveals the real reasons about men and their inability to commit. You will learn step by step techniques to attract men and avoid situations that can spoil the long term prospects of a relationship.

2. Women are known to be more emotional than men. And many times these emotions can scare men away. This program will teach you how you can use your emotions to attract a man rather than scare him away.

3. A man is attracted to a woman who doesn’t depend on him for her happiness and is sure about herself. This program will teach you ways to appear confident rather than insecure. Even when you don’t feel that way.

4. Having understanding of what men truly expect from a relationship is important for creating an everlasting love affair. In this program you will learn about what men want from a relationship, but will never tell you.


Understanding the Material 

This program will teach you about using three psychological triggers that will allow you to crawl inside any man’s mind. This will not only empower you to make him love you but also stay committed to you. Also, Capture His Heart will tell you why being desperate doesn’t help in attracting men, as men are drawn to women who are sure about themselves and doesn’t seek approval from their partner.

You will learn psychological techniques which will teach you ways to stop acting ��needy’ or ��desperate’ in a relationship and start valuing and loving yourself. The program also addresses the issue of ��fear of commitment’ among men, which is the core issue in most failed relationships. Claire and Michael suggest planting a future seed in the man’s mind. According to them, because men think less about committing to a relationship, it’s up to women to lead them to considering it.

Also, men favor serenity in love, while women look for drama and excitement. Therefore, ultimatums, outbursts and hysterics are never beneficial in a relationship. Men have a tendency of committing to relationships where they have to pursue their partner. Therefore, the feeling in a man that he has won a woman’s love and gained her interest is important to ensure his commitment to the relationship.

The step by step strategy shared by Claire in this program will empower you to make your man love you more than anything else and also to stay committed in the relationship. The easy to implement concepts and techniques taught in this system are designed to help you get inside a man’s mind, body, and soul so you can make him fall in love with you, commit to you, and connect with you on a deep, emotional, and primal level.


To put it simply, the step-by-step, done-for-you training inside this guide will help you become irresistible to that one guy you so desperately want. Some important techniques you learn in the program This program is like a ��relationship bible’ for women who want their partners to love them and stay committed in the relationship. Some of the techniques shared in this program are:

1. Hunter principle – It teaches you to make your man chase you and beg you to stay committed to the relationship.

2. Eye seduction techniques – You will learn ways of using your eyes to seduce your man without saying a single word.

3. Lighthouse method – This technique will allow you to get the attention of men standing in the room, the moment you enter the room.

4. Male body language secrets – You will learn to decode the signals that a man’s body language gives, which allows you to get a real insight of his mind.

5. Prevent losing focus – Some men lose focus in a relationship after they have achieved their sole objective of having sex. You will learn techniques to keep your man focused on you as long as you want.

6. Marriage material report – You get access to a short report of 10 questions, which will reveal the virtues you must identify in a man before you consider him as your future husband.

Bonuses Materials

1. Claire’s Dump Radar Worksheet – Learn about 8 signs that a man is starting to pull away from you.

2. The “Is He The One?” Checklist – Find out if a man is worth your love to or you are just wasting your time.

3. The Magnetically Attract Wonderful Men Report – This is an interview of Matthew Hussey, the UK’s top dating coach, by Michael Fiore. Here Matthew will reveal simple and powerful techniques to attract high value men.

Pros of the program

1. This is an up to date program truly relevant for relationships in the 21st century.

2. The program helps the woman to concentrate on the key factors that will help her snatch the heart of his dream man.

3. Scenarios mentioned in the program are easy-to-relate-to that makes them easy to understand.

4. The program is well simplified into workable worksheets and written in a fun way. Going through the program is like confiding with your best friend.

5. Customer service is really helpful and replies to questions in less than 24 hours. 6. It offers 60 Days 100% money back guarantee.

Cons of the program

1. Some women may find this program manipulative and immoral, as it may make them play around with the psychology of men in order to achieve their objective.

2. There are plenty of techniques and information provided, which may take a while to comprehend.

Who is it for?

Whether you’re 18 or 80, this program will provide the information that can help you to find your Mr. Right and start a successful and loving relationship with him. If you want to be a woman that no man can resist, you must try this program. If you are a woman who wants to find true love or who is afraid of dating wrong men, this program is ideal for you.


Capture His Heart will teach you ways to discover and construct a solid, profound and never-ending relationship with your perfect man. This program gives you all the knowledge and techniques you need to find your ideal man and to keep him loving you forever.